The First Nationally Renowned Computer And Home Office Furniture
           Was Designed, Developed, And Made Right Here, By Us, Way Back In 1982!

                                     "The best we could find" says CBS Inc 

Introduction of our home office furniture, designed and made in 1982, was initiated by a new product, the 
personal computer. At the time, CBS Inc., the network, searched for furniture that would best integrate the 
new devices into the home environment. Our furniture was chosen as the best they could find. Masterfully designed to provide superb function, it was recognized as the best choice to successfully accommodate 
personal computers and computer peripherals. We introduced the products that became both the industry 
standard and the original computer furniture design.

Today, it is difficult to understand how revolutionary this innovation was at its debut. If there is anyone who 
can be credited with pioneering the first practical and original computer furniture, it's us. Publicized with a 
front cover and a 12 page feature story for their Mechanix Illustrated Magazine, our furniture on the cover 
propelled that issue into the highest distribution of the magazine's history. With the introduction of a new 
furniture category, our company's innovations were recognized as developing "furniture for modern times."

We will configure a home office for you with the same people that designed and made our renowned home 
office furniture! Or suggest a simple table desk. After all, we offered the original computer furniture solution.

                                              Buy Direct And Save

Buy our renowned furniture direct from our suburban Chicago showroom and save. Hand made right here 
since 1981 in our own workshops, our local presence offers a personalized, convenient, and dependable 
resource for  furniture for your home and a better way to buy furniture, direct from the people who make it.

Our furniture offers unique value when bought directly at our studios. This efficient distribution method allows
us to invest in our products where it really counts, in the finest quality American materials and craftsmanship.

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             More hand-crafted American-made solid wood furniture. Better prices!
The evolution of home office furniture has moved to the table desk. Light, airy, versatile configurations with
wireless peripherals, if any, moved to an against the wall credenza or wall system. We partner with Lyndon 
and Copeland furniture in Vermont for table desks to incorporate into our current home office configurations.
The 1982 original
computer furniture,
designed and manufactured by us,
right here in the west suburbs of Chicago.
Table and writing desks available in cherry, walnut, oak, and maple in contemporary, modern,
mission, and shaker styles with a full compliment of file cabinets, credenzas, and bookcases.
Catalina writing desks 
now available in more sizes
as well as a larger selection 
of file drawer cabinetry.
Laptop desks, 
available in cherry,
walnut, and maple
in a variety of styles.
Call us at 630-543-202 for more information and better prices.
Moduluxe writing desk
Berkeley writing desk
Sarah writing desk
Catalina writing desk
Catalina credenzas
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