Using fine hardwoods, our craftspeople preserve and reinterpret the American art of fine furniture making.

Our family owned company guarantees that what 
we offer is authentically American as well as in the 
forefront of ecologically responsible furniture design 
with a use of solid woods from domestic sustainable 
forests and soft natural environmentally safe finishes. 
Feel confident that the furniture purchased here is both safer and more environmentally responsible.

Today, almost all major American furniture brands of
wood furniture pieces are made in China and Vietnam. 
Our local presence offers a personal, convenient, safer alternative to purchase the furniture for your home. An 
open to the public workshop offers proof of where our 
furniture is made and the high quality materials used to make it, here in the western suburbs of Chicago.  

Ever since the FTC rescinded all furniture labeling and advertising standards, you can no longer get the same 
proof at a retail store. Try a much smarter way to buy furniture, from the very same people who make it.

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Made To Order In America
Our furniture offers unique value when bought at our showroom.
This efficient method of distribution allows us to make an investment 
in furniture where it counts, in exclusive high quality American materials and hand craftsmanship.
 We design, make, and deliver fine wood furniture. You buy direct and pay less!
 Designers, Makers, & Direct Sellers Of Authentically American Hand-Made Fine Wood Furniture
Telling the truth: 100% of furniture offered here is made in the USA and 98% made In genuine solid wood. We guarantee that all products here are Authentically American-made as well as in the forefront of ecological responsibility with a use of solid woods all from domestic sustainable forests as well as safe finishes.

                    Visit our centrally located showroom
255 Gerri Lane, Addison, Illinois 60101
Call us at 630-543-2022
           Open: Wednesday thru Saturday 10:00 to 5:00
Sunday 12:00 to 5:00
Call us 630 543-2022
We guarantee that our products are Authentically American    and ecologically responsible with a use of genuine solid woods from domestic sustainable forests and soft, natural environmentally safe finishes. Feel confident that all furniture offered here is safe, environmentally responsible, all American made, and contributing wholly to the American economy.
We have a showroom open to the public. We showcase a large collection of pieces on display as well as many in the process of being made in our American working furniture factory. We have the expertise to customize and design from a large array of products made right here or available from two other solid hardwood fine furniture makers located in Vermont.

We're in the heartland of America. A lot closer than all the other American furniture factories actually located in China, Vietnam, and Indonesia where the bulk of "American made furniture" brands are made. Now, almost every big name American furniture company has had its domestic manufacturing operations replaced by producers in Asia. Both manufacturers and retailers are reluctant to admit the origin of their products now.

We have our own furniture factory. It offers first hand proof of the origin of our furniture made in a 
west suburban Chicago facility that was acurately described by the editors of Mechanix Illustrated Magazine 
as "the most efficient furniture factory ever seen."
Buy with confidence
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 Authentically American   and ecologically conscious
               genuine solid hardwood furniture
             handcrafted in Vermont and Illinois
The 1982 original computer furniture prototype, designed and manufactured in west suburban Chicago and accompanied
by the first Zenith color monitor, 
also made in Chicago at the time.
Introduction of our first home office furniture, designed and made in 1982, was initiated by what was at that time a brand new product, the personal computer. CBS Inc., the network, searched for furniture that would best integrate the new devices into the home environment. Our furniture was chosen as the "best they could find." Masterfully designed to provide superb function, and recognized as the best choice to successfully accommodate personal computers and computer peripherals. We introduced the products recognized as the original computer furniture design collection and influenced computer furniture design worldwide.

Today, it is difficult to understand how revolutionary this innovation was at its debut. If there is anyone who can be credited with pioneering the first practical and original computer furniture, it's us. With a front cover and a 12 page feature story in Mechanix Illustrated Magazine, featuring our furniture, it propelled that issue into the largest distribution of the magazine's history. Then publicized in The Wall Street Journal and introduced as a new furniture category, our company's innovations were recognized as developing "furniture for modern times."
"The Best We Could Find" CBS Inc
Our Origination Of A Brand New Furniture Category
"Furniture For Modern Times"
  Only Furniture Made Here Gets This Much Acclaim!
"Highly recommended" 
"Reasonably priced...         and drop-dead gorgeous"
  Stereophile Magazine
            "It's really
      just good design" 
   "best we could find"      Home Theater Magazine
One of America's 26
 "Best of the Best" 
furniture resources
Inland Architect Magazine
        "The best of the best"
                          Inland Architect Magazine
  chosen as one of the 26 essential furniture resources in America
Our customers' contact favorite, 
now instructs at Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford ( and frequently away. But Garry or Candy are happy to help.