Hand-Crafted American-Made Solid Wood Furniture.                                   More Choices. Better Prices.

                  Buy Our Renowned Furniture Direct From Our Studio Showroom And Save!
            Save on all orders made here from our stocks of American genuine solid walnut, cherry, and oak.

                         Buy Lyndon Furniture Direct From Our Studio Showroom And Save!
        Hand-made in Vermont solid cherry, maple, oak, walnut tables, chairs, home office, and bedroom furniture.

                       Buy Copeland Furniture Direct From Our Studio Showroom And Save!                                                                       Showroom Visitors Receive The Best Price!
        Hand-made in Vermont hardwood cherry, walnut, maple tables, chairs, home office, and bedroom furniture. 

  Modern, Contemporary, Arts And Crafts, Scandinavian, And Shaker Styles
                       Masterfully designed in the clean styles that suit most homes and interiors. Specializing
  in tables, chairs, wall units, bookcases, home office, media consoles and modular entertainment systems,
  audio cabinetry, bedroom and dining furniture. Customization is natural for us, and without excessive cost.
                       Visit our centrally located showroom at 255 Gerri Lane, Addison, Illinois 60101
                     Just minutes from Oakbrook Center or Schaumburg Mall.       Call 630-543-2022

                       Showroom Is Open: Wednesday thru Saturday 10:00 to 5:00  Sunday 12:00 to 5:00

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More hand-crafted American-made solid wood furniture choices. Better prices!
            Customizable Modular Furniture  
An Array Of Sizes In Solid Walnut, Cherry, Oak
     Modular Media Console Systems
   Renowned Selection, Customizable 
  Hand-Crafted Cherry, Walnut, Oak, Maple 
      Beds, Night Stands, Dressers, Chests
        New Directions In Table Desks 
     Innovative Home Office Solutions
     Modern, Mission, Contemporary, Shaker
  Dinning And Bedroom Solid Wood Furniture
Arts And Crafts
Designers, Makers, And Direct Sellers Of Hand-Crafted And American-Made Solid Wood Furniture
   Designers, Makers, And Direct Sellers Of Hand-Crafted American-Made Solid Wood Furniture
For over three decades, many of the best reviewed furniture pieces in America have been designed and made       by us right here in west suburban Chicago. Furniture made here now combines with hand-crafted products from Vermont to offer the finest source of American made solid hardwood furniture available anywhere. Our unique studio showroom format eliminates the additional and excessive costs of furniture sold through expensive store locations and passes the savings on to you. At a furniture store you will pay for a lot more than just the furniture.
Furniture we make here is hand-crafted in American solid hardwoods, has earned us a place on the list of only      26 "best of the best" furniture resources in America for eight consecutive years, is environmentally responsible,       is a product wholly contributing to the American economy, and priced 30-50% less than at retail furniture stores.
Try a better way to buy furniture, direct from crafts-people and designers preserving American furniture making!
       Only Furniture Made Here Gets This Much Acclaim!
"Highly recommended" 
 "Drop-dead gorgeous"
 Stereophile Magazine
           "It's really
      just good design" 
Home Theater Magazine
   One of 26 "best of the best" 
furniture resources in America
    Inland Architect Magazine
       "Exciting style and quality.
 It's furniture I'd have for my home" 
   editor, Woman's Day Magazine
 "The best we could find,
for home office furniture." 
     CBS Corporation
"The picture of domestic
    technological bliss"
   Audio Video Interiors
     Telling The Truth: 100% Of Furniture Here Is Made In The USA, And 98% Is Solid Hardwood
   We guarantee that all products here are authentically American-made as well as in the forefront of ecological       responsibility with use of solid woods from domestic sustainable forests as well as natural and safe finishes.